Shipowners P&I

Introduction Shipowner’s P&I

P&I for Shipowners

P&I insurance covers Members' legal and contractual liabilities concerning third parties that are incurred during the operation of the entered ship. These legal and contractual liabilities are of various nature and could concern people, cargo, pollution, and other types of liabilities.

Our shipowners P&I insurance is designed to cover both the contractual and legal liabilities that you may face as the owner of a vesset. This can be divided up into following main areas:

 Liability in respect of seamen

 Liability to persons (other than seamen and passengers)

 Expenses of diversion of an insured ship

 Liability arising from collision with other ships

 Liability for loss of or damage to fixed and floating object

 Liability for oil pollution

 Liability in respect of towage

 Liability for wreck removal

 Liability in respect of cargo

 Special compensation to salvors